Zoals alle grote design meubel leveranciers in het duurdere segment werken we samen met gecertificeerde fabrieken in China die volgens de Europese eisen produceren. Ook wordt hierbij natuurlijk gelet op de arbeidsomstandigheden van de werknemers.


Onze productie en eindcontrole wordt gecoördineerd en gecontroleerd op de kwaliteit door Inspection Partners. Dit is een gecertificeerd bedrijf dat voor bedrijven wereldwijd, inspecties uitvoert in Azie.


Onze missie is de goedkoopste leverancier van vergelijkbare Loungebanken, Leefhoeken of Hoekbanken te blijven. Dit doen we door rechtstreeks bij de fabriek te kopen en de business to business of business to consumer. Het kunnen garanderen van de kwaliteit is hierbij een belangrijke factor.


Over Inspection Partner


Inspection Partner is a leading provider in the field of audits and inspections in Asia. With business establishments in Europe and China, we are the first international organization in this field. Our organization is one of a kind, because of the speed we use for our services. For all our clients we are an important part of purchasing products in China. We stand for quality and durability. And this shines through in our way of working, our communication with people and our services.


Our way of working is clear and transparent. You can follow your inspection every moment of the day with the free account that you can create at our website. We will also appoint an account manager to you and will always call you back within 48 hours. This is a promise and it allows you to work quickly and efficiently. You can place your inspection in all the phases of the production process.



- Checking if the order is understood
- Start production check
- Production monitoring
- Pre-shipment inspection
- Container loading check



- Factory audit
- Social audit

Inspection materials


- Lab testing


In the production process there are several critical indicators of success, so it is important to understand these indicators and control the process to make sure that everything is going as planned. Inspection Partner hired and trained experienced inspectors and auditors who know how to do their work independently with an eye for the smallest details. This way you receive a quality report of the products you ordered.


There are products where the materials and chemicals or the quality of the materials is not visible. Therefore we offer a quality control in our laboratory to our customers worldwide.


We work according the strictest terms and leading standards in the world. We meet all international requirements for testing.